How it began…

Like most freelancers, my income took a ‘hit’, due to the Pandemic. Editors were no longer commissioning, and sponsored posts via my blog had dried up. For this reason, I decided to create a newsletter - though it had been a goal to do, anyway, in 2020.

My blog is a way for me to document life on the Autistic spectrum. But I also have experiencing interviewing people - including Sir Harold Evans, Anastacia, Alan Rusbridger, Lissie, and others.

Therefore, the idea for this newsletter was born!

I usually interview someone - and if not, I write an original piece of content.This has included people such as bestselling author Laura James, Samantha Renke, and others. We explore a host of topics, including freelancing, being at university, how to cope as a sensory being, hate crime, and a lot more. You can view the archive here.

I also include links to resources.

Each week there will be links to resources for freelancers - such as pitching guides, callouts, submission portals, ‘think’ pieces, job boards, and more.

As an Autistic individual, my own private circle has often talked about ways for dealing with the pandemic. We share resources - such as guides to creating routines, health passports, disclosure schemes, and more. I can’t advise anyone what to do medically, as I am not a Doctor. Autism is also a spectrum; I cannot speak for everyone. I write from my own experience. However, it seemed like a good idea to share these resources.

I also have a sponsor each week. They give me a small fee; in return, they have two advertising ‘slots’ in each newsletter, and I also post about them on the blog. Sometimes, they also offer a voucher code, too. These have included Born Anxious, Autism Threads, and Jessica Kingsley Publishers.

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